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Scott & Jenny's List of English Country Dances

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Updated: 8/24/2006

This list is from Jenny Beer & Scott Higgs' dance database.
It includes 550 dances that are fairly well known and dances that we teach at least occasionally.
Use your browser's "find" key to locate dances quickly.
Or cut and paste into a spread sheet so you can sort and search and add your own dance favorites.





Adsons Sarabande34/4F
After Dinner MaggotL32/2Dm
Albany Assembly32/2C
Alderman's HatL4/4Gm
All Saint's DayL2/2Am
Amazed Geneticist42/2D
American HusbandC2/4G
Angels UnawaresL3/4G
Anna Maria33/2Bb
Another Nancy's FancyL3/2G
Apley HouseL2/2G
Arlington Assembly22/2G
Ashford Anniversary3M2/2G
Astonished Archaeologist32/4A
Astoria LassL3/4Em
Auretti's Dutch SkipperL6/8Bb
Autumn in AmherstL2/2D
Away With FebruaryL4/4C
Baby Boomers' Birthday L36/8G
Bar a BarL2/2Dm
Barbarini's TambourineL2/4D
Bare NecessitiesC3M3/4Dm
Barham DownL3/2D
Bartlett HouseL2/2Bb
Bashful SwainL2/2Dm
Beau's Retreat33/2Am
Beautiful FieldsL6/8Em
Beaux DelightL6/8D
Bedlam Maid 4/4
Beechen Grove's New Hall 46/8G
Beggar Boy36/8Gm
Belgia Retriev'dL3/2Am
Benjamin's BirthdayL2/2A
Betrayed LoverL6/8Dm
Bishop's MitreL
Black Bart's BirthdayL6/8Gm
Black Boy32/4A / D
Black JackSic6/8G
Black Nag36/8Dm
Blaydon RacesCM6/8G
Blenheim PoundL4/4Dm
Bob in the Bed36/8G
Bonnets So BlueL6/8C
Bonnie Cuckoo43/4D
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex)4-62/4C
Bonny Grey Eyed MornL2/2Bb
Braes of Dornoch32/2G
Brayes Maggot3 9/8A
Britains Glory46/8D
Broom, The Bonny Bonny Broom42/2F
Bryons Boutade42/2D
Bunch of Fives56/8G / D
Burghees Hole (Beadle)32/2G
Bury FairL32/2F
Buskin3 or L32/2D
Cadgers CapersL9/8Em
Charlene's Celebration43/2Am
Chelmsford Assembly36/8G
Chelsea Reach46/8F
Cheshire RoundsL3/2D
Chigwell RowL2/2G
Chocolate Round OL2/2Am
Christchurch BellsL2/2C
Cobbler's HornpipeL3/2Dm
Cockle ShellsL2/2Dm
Collier's DaughterL2/2Gm
Come Fill FillL 9/8
Come Lets Be Merry33/4D
Comical FellowL6/8D
Corelli's MaggotL2/4F
Cottey HouseL6/8D
Cumberland Square Eight44/4G
Cupid's Garden33/2G
Dainty Fine Bride 43/2Em
Dancing Across the AtlanticL6/8Am/A
Dancing WifeL2/2Am
Dancing With Sharon 2/2C
Daphne's DelightL or L36/8Gm
De'il Take the Warr34/4C or D
Delight of Kentish CountrysideL3/2Bm
Delight of Sudbury32/4G
Despairing LoverL2/4Gm
Devil's MaggotL 6/8C/Cm
Dick's MaggotL3/2G
Dissembling Love36/8Dm
Distant Star34/4Bm
Doctor Faustus' JiggL6/8F
Doctor Vincent's Delight36/8D
Doll Tearsheet's RantL6/8G
Donawert Pass L2/2Gm
Don't Just Do Something36/8Em
Dorset 4-hand Reel22/4G/A
Dorset Triumph4--64/4G/A
Double DuetL3/4Am
Double Lead ThroughL4/4G
Dover PierL2/4Bb
DowayL2/2 Gm
Draper's GardensL33/4G
Draper's MaggotL3/4D
Dressed ShipL2/2A
Dublin BayL12/8Cm
Duchess SarabandeL2/2Gm
Duke Of Kent's WaltzL3/4G
Dunant House Waltz33/4G
Dunham OaksL4/4A
Dunsmuir Waltz33/4F
Dusty Miller33/2G
Dutch Crossing82/2G
Early FrostL3/4G/Em
Early One MorningL2/4F
Easter EveL2/2Gm
Easter MornL4/4Cm
Easter ThursdayL3/2Dm
Elverton GroveL4/4A
Ely CourtL 2/2Gm
Enchanted Place43/4D
Enfield CommonL3/2Dm
English Breakfast TeaL
English PasbyL3/2G
Epping Forest36/8Gm
Errol on the Green32/4D
Every Lad His LassL2/2Em
Excuse MeL6/8Gm
Face the MusicL4/4Em/E
Fain I Would36/8Gm
Fair And SoftlyL3/4Dm
Fair OneL2/2Gm
Fair Quaker Of DealL6/8D
Faithless Nancy DawsonL4/4D
Familiar Quotations43/4Gm
Farewell MarianCM3/4Dm
Fast PacketL4/4D
Felix's Name DayL6/8D
Female SaylerL6/8Gm
Fine Companion46/8Dm
First LadyL6/8Bb
First NightL6/8Em /G
First Of AprilL6/8A
Fleur de LisL2/2Am
Flixton HouseL3/2G
Flowers of EdinburghL4/4G
Foula Reel46/8G/A
Fourpence HapennyL6/8Gm
Freeford GardensL2/2Gm
Friendly BrookeL9/8Em
Fringe Benefits32/2D
From AberdeenL32/2G
Gathering PeascodsC2/2A
Gentleman SoldierC6/8
Gentleman's DelightL2/2C
Geud Man Of BallangighL6/8A
Gigue for Genny36/8G
Girl's Best FriendL3/4Em
Gold for the Mahieus32/2D
Golden AlexandersL6/8D
Good Man of CambridgeL2/2Am
Goose & the Gridiron36/8A
Graie's Inne Maske32/2Dm
Green Willow26/8A
Greensleeves And Yellow36/8Gm
Hale-Bopp CircleSic/M6/8Gm
Halfe HannikinL6/8G
Halfway Measures46/8C/F
Halsway Manners36/8G
Halsway Sicilian sic6/8D
Hambleton's Round OL33/2Cm
Handel With Care22/2D
Happily Emma After32/2D
Heading for ZeroL9/8D
Health to All Honest MenL6/8Gm
Heather TowersL6/8G
Helene's Night OutL6/8A
Helston Furry DanceC4/4D
Henry's HornpipeL3/2Dm
Herne Bay Dance32/4G/D
Heswall And West Kirby4M2/2D
Hey Boys Up Go We26/8C
High GinksL2/2F
Hit And Misse26/8Em
Holburn MarchL4/4F
Hole In The WallL3/2Bb
Honeysuckle CottageL3/4Bb
Hop Picker's Feast39/8D
HorseplayL2/2C modal
Hudson BarnL3/4G
Hunsdon House46/8C
Hyde Park46/8C
I Care Not for These LadiesC6/8C
I Often for My Jenny Strove36/8G
If All The World Were Paper46/8D
If Love's a Sweet PassionL3/4Gm
In Bleak MidwinterL2/2F
In The Fields In FrostL2/2Dm
Indian PrincessCM2/2F
Indian QueenL2/2D
Introduction, The43/4Am
Invisible Mending36/8
Irish LamentationL3/4G
Italian DisappointmentL6/8D
Jack's HealthL6/8Am
Jack's MaggotL2/2D
Jacob Hall's JigL6/8Fm
Jaque LatinL2/4G
Jefferson's WhimL2/2G
Jenny Pluck Pears36/8Am
John Tallis' CanonL6/8G
John's FollyL2/2G
Jolly CooperL36/8G
Joseph's Jig or Jovial JoeL6/8G
Jovial BeggarsL6/8Bb
Jovial BeggarsC36/8Bb
Joy After Sorrow33/4Am
Jubilee at EindhovenL6/8D
Jubilee JigL9/8D
Juice Of BarleyL6/8Am
Jump at the SunL6/8Gm or Em
Juno And Pallas36/8Gm
Just a GoingL2/4D
K & EU2/4A
Katherine StreetL6/8Gm
Kelsterne Gardens34/4Dm
Kentish CricketersL2/4D
Key to the CellarL33/2Em
Kill Him WIth KindnessL3/2Am
King Of PolandL6/8Gm
King's AleL2/2Gm
King's MaggotL3/2Gm
Kitchen Triad32/2D/A
Kneeland Romp32/4G
Knives And ForksL3/2G
Knole ParkL2/4D
La GavreL6/8D
Lass of Richmond HillL2/4D
Lasses of Portsmouth36/8C
Last New Vagaries36/8A
Leah's WaltzL3/4D
Leather Lake HouseL34/4A/D
Leslie's ValentineL6/8G
Levi Jackson5M2/4G
Log CabinL3/4D
Long Live LondonSic2/2G
Long OddsL2/4A
Long PondL2/4G
Longevity L3/4Am
Look Both WaysL6/8Gm
Lord FoppingtonL2/2C
Lord Of Carnarvon's Jig42/2G
Love And A Bottle36/8Gm
Lover's KnotL2/2Am
Love's Triumph32/2Bb
Lull Me Beyond Thee46/8Dm
Mad RobinL2/2Bb
Mage On A Cree46/8Gm
Maid Peeped Out the Window46/8G
Maiden Lane32/2A
Maids' MorrisL2/2C
Man was for Woman MadeL2/2C
Marching to Praetorius22/2G
Margaret's WaltzSic3/4A
Mary And DorothyL6/8Em
Mary KL3/2Cm
Mavis Sweetly Sings, TheL33/4C
Measured ObsessionL3/2Em
Mendocino RedwoodL6/8 Dm
Merry Andrew32/2Am
Merry, Merry Milkmaids46/8C
Michael & All AngelsL3/4Am
Midnight RambleL2/2D
Minor SpaniardL6/8Em
Miss Avril's Delight53/2Dm
Miss De Jersey's MemorialL3/4Gm
Miss Sayer's Allemande32/4F
Miss Spark's MaggotL36/8G
Mock Hobby HorseL6/8D
Molly AndrewSic3/4F
Money in both PocketsL6/8D
Monica's Delight36/8G
Monks March With The WanderL2/2 6/8Dm
Morecombe BaySic6/8D
Morpeth RantL2/2D
Mount HillsL2/2D
Mover and ShakerL 6/8Am
Mr Beveridge's MaggotL3/2Gm
Mr Englefield's New HornpipeL3/2Dm
Mr Epstein's Esplanade36/8Am
Mr Ganiford's DelightL2/2Em
Mr Ganiford's MaggotL36/8D
Mr Handel's Gigue36/8Gm/G
Mr Heath's Dance L2/4A
Mr Isaac's MaggotL3/2C
Mr John Bremer's Return to PinewoodsL6/8Dm
Mr Lane's Maggot / RoundL2/2Dm
Mr Merrill's MaggotL2/2Gm
Mr Young's DelightL2/2F
Mrs Beveridge's TriumphL2/2Gm
Mrs Pike's Maggot43/4G
Mrs Pomeroy's Pavane32/2Gm
Mrs Savage's WhimL3/2Bm
Mulberry GardenL6/8Dm
Muriel's MeasureL2/2D
Muschamp's Maggot42/4D
Mutual LoveL6/8C
My Dear MaryL2/2Gm
My Lady CullenL2/2Dm
My Lady Foster's DelightL2/2Dm
My Lady Winwood's Maggot3/L2/2G
Nampwich FairL6/8D
Nan's Waltzsic3/4G
Never Love Thee MoreL6/8G
New Beginning33/4Gm
New KettledrumL2/2Dm
New RigadoonL2/2C
New York TimesL2/2C
News From TripoliL3/2Bb
Night Cap46/8Cm
Night Piece6/8D
Nine TailorsL6/8F
Ninepin9 peopleanyany
Nobody's Jig 2/2D
Northdown WaltzL3/4Bb
Northern NancyL6/8Gm
Nottingham SwingL4/4D
Now is the Month of MayingL2/2G
Nymph DivineL2/2C
O SusatoL2/2C
Oaken Leaves46/8F
Of Noble Race Was ShinkinL2/2Dm
Off She GoesL6/8D
Old BatchelorL6/8Gm
Old FriendsL3/2C
Old Hob or MousetrapL6/8D
Old King ColeL2/2
Old Mill33/2G
Old Mole36/8D
Old Noll's JigL6/8Dm
Old Wife Behind the FireL2/2G
On Wittman's Golden FLoorL2/2Am
Once A Night36/8D
Orange NanL3/2F
Oranges And Lemons42/2D
Ore BoggyL2/2C
Orleans BaffledL33/2D
Orly's Dance for Millie 3/4
Ormond HouseL2/2Dm
Oxford Circus32/2Dm
Painted ChamberL6/8C
Parson's Cap / French AmbassadorL2/2Bb
Parsons Farewell22/2Dm
Patrick's Waltzset3/4C
Pat's TraditionL6/8 D
Peace Be With YouL2/2Am
Peggy I Must Love TheeL2/2G
Perpetual MotionL6/8Bb
Peter and PeggyL3/2 Am
Pharmacist's Pleasure 33/2D
Phoenix Rejuvenated42/2D
Physical Snob39/8F
Picking Up Sticks36/8Dm
Pilgarlick3 or L32/2D
Pinks & Lilies32/2C
Pins And NeedlesL36/8G
Pleasures Of The Town34/4Bb
Polka Dots5 person4/4any
Pool's HoleL2/2Dm
Port RoyalL2/2D
Prince William32/2A
Prince William Of GloucesterL3/4Bb
Princess Royal34/4Gm
Puck's DeceitL2/2Dm
Punch BowlL3/2G
Pursuit L2/2Em
Putney FerryL6/8Dm
Quaker's WifeL4/4any
Queen's BirthdayL2/2C
Queen's JigL6/8D
Quite Carried AwayL33/4G
Rafe's WaltzL3/4Gm
Ragg, TheL6/8D
Rakes of RochesterL2/4A
Ramsgate Assembly33/4F
Randolph Farewell33/4G
Real Princess46/8D
Red and All Red32/4G
Red HouseL2/2Am
Return to Newcastleset2/4G
Roger de CoverleyL9/8G
Room For RamblersL2/2D
Rosamond's PondL2/2Dm
Rose Of Rochester46/8D
Rose of SharonL2/4Cm
Rose Of Tankerton56/8G
Rose TreeL2/4D
Round About our Coal FireL 9/8C
Round OL2/2Am
Round Pond36/8D
Roxburgh CastleL4/4A
Royal AlbertL6/8G
Rufty Tufty22/2D
Russe, La42/2G/D
Sadlers WellsL6/8Dm
Saint Andrew's Assembly34/4Bb
Saint CatherineL2/2G
Saint Margaret's Hill33/2Gm
Saint Martin's22/2Am
Saint Martin's LaneL32/2Gm
Sally from PolandL3/4D
Sally in our AlleyL3/2C
Scotch Cap36/8Dm
Scotch MorrisL2/2Am
Sellenger's RoundC6/8G
Seven JoysCM6/8G
Seven Stars in the SkyL2/2D
Severn BoreL3/4Dm
Shandy Hall4 6/8G
Shepherd's Holiday36/8Gm
Short and SweetL6/8G
Shrewsbury Lasses32/2D
Shropshire Lass32/2D
Siege Of LimerickL3/2Dm
Sion HouseL3/2F
Sir Watkin's Jig36/8G
Slaughter House L6/8Gm
Sleeping in the AtticL4/4Am/A
Slof Galliard42/2F
Smithy HillL6/8Dm
Softly Good TummasL2/2Dm
Songs of the HarpistL33/4Am
Southerly BreezeL3/4
Spanish JigL6/8C
Speed the PloughL4/4A
Splendid Shilling36/8G
Spring Garden4 6/8Am
Spring WeddingL2/2G
Square Waltz43/4Any
Staff Of Life36/8D
Staines MorrisL2/2Gm
Step Stately 36/8Gm
Stepping StonesU3/4Am
Stony PointL 6/8
Strawberries & Cream3M6/8G
Suggar CandieL2/4C
Sun AssemblyL2/4A
Sunlight Through DraperiesL3/4D
Surprise & DelightL3/2G
Take a DanceL 6/8Bm
Ten for Ten CommandmentsL3/4Am
Tod's AssemblyL6/8Gm
Top and BottomL6/8 G
Treacherous LoverL6/8Dm
Trip to AmsterdamL 6/8A
Trip to GlosterL2/4Gm
Trip to Greene36/8Gm
Trip to Halsway Manor36/8D
Trip To HighgateL36/8G
Trip To KilburnL32/2Am
Trip to MortselL2/2G
Trip To Orpington32/2A
Trip To ParisL2/2Am
Trip to RichmondL2/2G
Trip to RidgewoodL6/8Am
Trip to the JubileeL 9/8D
Trip to the Manors22/2C
Trip to Town-O, ASic9/8D
Trip To Tunbridge32/4Em
True KitL4/4Am
Turn of the TideL3/4G
Turning By ThreesC3M3/4Bm
Turning of the Year L3/4G
Twenty SomethingL6/8C
Twenty-ninth of MayL2/2D
Two CousinsC3/2G
Two PaulsL3/2Em
Unrequited Love32/2A
Up With Aily (3/2)L3/2Am
Up With Aily (9/8)L9/8D
Upon a Summer's Day36/8Fm
Valentine's DaySic6/8G
Valentine's DayL6/8G
Virgins' Frolick33/2Gm
Vivaldi in ParadiseL2/4Gm
Wa' is MeL3/4F
Wakefield HuntL3/3 6/8G
Walpole CottageSic/32/2D
Waltham AbbeyL2/2F
Waterfall WaltzC3/4D
Waters Of Holland3M2/2Am
Watkin's Ale46/8G
Waves of Tory56/8D
Way To NorwichL6/8D
We Were So YoungL4/4Gm
Wedding of Mai & DavidL2/2Gm
Well Done JackL2/2A
Well HallL3/2F
Well's HumorL3/4Em
What Shall We Do With Baby, OL2/4G
Whately BarnL3/2Em/G
When Laura SmilesL3/4G
Wherever She Goes
Whiskey Before DinnerL9/8D modal
White/Beige JoakL6/8D
White Wheat33/4C
Wibsey Roundabout5M6/8C
Wildboar's Maggot32/4Bb
Willow Tree46/8G
Winifred's KnotC6/8G
Winsor Knot39/8Gm
Winter DreamsL3/4G
Winter Memories42/2D
Winter Solstice52/2F
Winter Waltz3?3/4Em
Wives' VictoryL6/8Gm
Wolverton HallL6/8F
Wood DuckCM3/4Am
Wooden ShoesL2/2C
Wooin' Mairi34/4G
Wright's HumourL2/2G
Wrights of Litchfield36/8Am
Yellow StockingsL9/8Am
Young WidowL3 6/8G
Zephyrs and FloraL2/2G


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