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Scott & Jenny's List of English Country Dances

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Updated: 6/1/2020

This list is from Jenny Beer & Scott Higgs' dance database.
It includes 900 dances that are fairly well known and/or dances that we teach at least occasionally.
Use your browser's "find" key to locate dances quickly.
Or cut and paste into a spread sheet so you can sort and search and add your own dance favorites.






Adèle’s Delight32/2GX
Adsons Sarabande34/4FBlue
Adventures with DavidL2/2DX
After Dinner MaggotL32/2DmGreen
Albany Assembly32/2CRed
Aldermans HatL4/4GmBlue
Alex and CharlesL3/4FGreen
Alexander's Birth Day22/2CRed?
All Saints DayL2/2AmBlue
Amazed Geneticist42/2DGreen
American HusbandSic2/4GBlue
And Good Day to You, Too!36/8DGreen
Angels UnawaresL3/4GRed
Ani's WaltzCM3/4DGreen
Anna Holden's WaltzL3/4FX (Sunday River)
Anna MariaL3/2BbBlue
Anniversary DanceL3/4CGreen
Another Nancy's FancyL3/2GRed
Apley HouseL2/2GBlue
Apollo and DaphneL3/2GX
Apollo's HuntL6/8DGreen
Archbishop42/2ABlue, Red
Archer, TheL2/2GGreen
Arlington Assembly22/2GRed
Ashford Anniversary3M2/2GBlue
Astonished Archaeologist32/4ARed
Astoria LassL3/4EmBlue
At Nancy's House33/4x
Atossa's GiftL3/4DmGreen
Audenard BattleL6/8GmBlue
Auretti's Dutch SkipperL6/8BbBlue
Autumn in AmherstL2/2DRed
Autumn MoonL2/2BmGreen
Autumn on the RiverL4/4DmX
Away With FebruaryL4/4CX
Baby Boomers' Birthday L36/8GRed
Band of FriendsL2/2DmX
Banish Misfortune3CM6/8DmGreen
Bar a BarL2/2DmBlue
Barbarini's TambourineL2/4DBlue
Bare Necessities3CM3/4DmBlue
Barham DownL3/2DBlue
Bartlett HouseL2/2BbBlue
Bashful SwainL2/2DmBlue
Bath Carnival36/8ABlue
Beach Spring42/2DRed
Beau's Retreat33/2AmRed
Beautiful FieldsL6/8EmRed
Beautious Grove32/2EmGreen
Beauty BerryL6/8CGreen
Beaux DelightL6/8DX
Beechen Grove's New Hall 46/8GRed
Beggar Boy36/8GmBlue
Bel CantoL2/2 BbGreen
Belgia Retriev'dL3/2AmBlue
Belle of the BallL3/4GX
Benjamin's Birth DayL2/2ARed
Best of Both WorldsSic3/4BbX
Betrayed LoverL-26/8DmRed
Birthday at PinewoodsL 3/4DGreen
Birthday BranleL2/2G/GmGreen
Bishop, TheL34/4ABlue
Black & GreyL32/2AmBlue
Black Barts BirthdayL6/8GmX
Black HeathL2/2GmX
Black JackSic6/8GBlue
Black Nag36/8DmBlue
Blaydon RacesCM6/8GBlue
Blenheim PoundL4/4DmRed
Bloomsbury Market34/4GRed
Boatman, The36/8CBlue
Bob in the Bed36/8GX
Bonnets So BlueL6/8CBlue
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex)L-sh2/4CRed
Bonny Cuckoo43/4DBlue
Bonny Grey-Ey'd MornL2/2BbRed
Brace YourselfL2/2DGreen
Braes of Dornoch32/2GRed
Braye's MaggotL9/8ARed
Britains Glory46/8DGreen
Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom42/2FBlue
Bryon's Boutade42/2DRed
Bucket of BeetsL3/4AX
Bunch of Fives56/8G/DBlue
Burghees Hole (Beadle)32/2GBlue
Bury Fair3 or L32/2FBlue
Buskin3 or L32/2DRed
Cadgers CapersL9/8EmRed
California SunshineL2/2GGreen
Cambridge Waltz Variation33/4EbGreen
Cameron's Folly46/8DX
Candles in the DarkL3/4BmGreen
Capital Lads62/4 DmGreen
Cat in the Window3M3/4GmX
Charlene's Celebration43/2AmGreen
Chelmsford Assembly36/8GBlue
Chelsea Reach46/8FBlue
Cherries and ChocolateL36/8AmGreen
Cheshire RoundsL3/2DBlue
Chigwell RowL2/2GBlue
Chocolate Equation, The44/4GGreen
Chocolate Round OL2/2AmRed
Christ Church BellsL2/2CBlue
Church in the Highlands42/2DX
Clopton Bridge44/4anyGreen
Cobbler's Hornpipe (longways)L3/2DmBlue
Cobbler's Hornpipe33/2DmBlue
Cockle ShellsL2/2DmRed
Cold Comfort22/2AmX
Colin's TambourineL2/2GGreen
Collier's DaughterL2/2GmBlue
Columbus AnniversaryC6/8 EmBlue
Come Fill FillL9/8X
Come Lets Be Merry33/4DBlue
Come with Voices SingingL3/2E/DGreen
Comical FellowL6/8DBlue
Conceal'd Health, AL2/2CmGreen
Corelli's MaggotL2/4FBlue
Corn RigsL-sh2/2DRed
CorylusL2/2Am Red
Costumer's Delight33/2CmGreen (back page)
Cotery, TheL32/4 G
Cottey HouseL6/8DBlue
Cross My Heart34/4GGreen
Crystal SpringL-23/4DmRed
Cumberland Square Eight44/4DRed
Cupid's Garden33/2GBlue
Dainty Fine Bride 43/2EmX
Dancing Across the AtlanticL6/8Am/AGreen
Dancing Betty, TheL-26/8
Dancing DutchL2/4DRed
Dancing WifeL2/2AmRed
Daphne's DelightL6/8GmX
Dear AbbyL2/2GGreen
Dear Papa and Dear Mama CM3/4Gmred
De'il Take the Warr34/4C or DRed
Delia (Amorous Goddess)32/2ARed
Delight of Sudbury32/4GRed
Delight of the Kentish CountrysideL3/2BmX
Delighted DendrologistL4/4GGreen
Despairing LoverL2/4GmBlue
Devil's MaggotL6/8C/CmRed
Diane's WaltzSic3/2
Dick's MaggotL3/2GBlue
Disbanded OfficerL4/4ARed
Dissembling Love36/8DmBlue
Distant Star34/4BmX
Doctor Faustus' JiggL6/8FX
Doctor Faustus' TumblersL4/4DBlue
Doctor Vincent's Delight3M6/8DBlue
Doll Tearsheet's RantL6/8GX
Donawert Pass L2/2GmX
Don't Just Do Something, Stand there36/8EmX
Dorset 4-hand Reel22/4G/ARed
Dorset TriumphL-sh4/4G/AX
Double DuetL3/4AmRed
Double Jubilee3M2/2A modalGreen
Double Lead ThroughL4/4GBlue
Dover PierL2/4BbBlue
Dr Bending's Serpent36/8AmGreen
Dr. Morris' FancyL3/4AmX
Drapers Gardens (Margravine's)L3/4GBlue
Drapers Gardens (Playford etc)L3/4DBlue
Drapers MaggotL33/4DBlue
Dressed ShipL2/2ABlue
Drops of BrandyL-sh9/8G
Drummer, TheL2/4GmX
Dublin BayL12/8CmBlue
Duchess of York StreetL3/4AGreen
Duchess SarabandeL2/2GmRed
Duke of Kent's WaltzL3/4GBlue
Dunant House Waltz3M3/4GBlue
Dunham OaksL4/4ARed
Dunrobin Castle32/2AmGreen
Dunsmuir Waltz33/4FGreen
Dusty Miller33/2GBlue
Dutch Crossing82/2GX
Dutch DiamondL3/4GREd
Early FrostL3/4G/EmRed
Early One MorningL2/4FBlue
Eastbourne Rover36/8AmGreen
Easter BlessingL4/4DX
Easter EveL2/2GmBlue
Easter MornL4/4CmRed
Easter ThursdayL3/2DmBlue
Easter TuesdayL6/8CRed
Easy Deasy32/4DX
Eggshell Whimsy36/8DX
Eiffel in LoveL3/4D/GX
Elephant StairsL3/2GGreen
Elverton GroveL4/4ABlue
Ely CourtL 2/2GmBlue
Emma Turns ThreeSic32/2DRed?
Emma's CommencementL3/4FGreen
Emma's Waltz43/4DGreen
Emperor of the MoonL2/2GmGreen
Enchanted Place43/4DRed
Enfield CommonL3/2DmRed
Enfield WashL6/8GGreen
English Breakfast TeaL2/2D
Epping ForestCM6/8GmBlue
Epsom New WellsL2/2EmBlue
Errol on the Green32/4DRed
Escort to LeiscesterSic6/8G or AmRed
Europe's Revels for the Peace of RyswickL3/2G
Every Lad His LassL2/2EmBlue
Excuse MeL6/8GmBlue
Face the MusicL4/4Em/EBlue
Fain I Would36/8GmBlue
Fair and SoftlyL3/4DmBlue
Fair One Let Me In, TheL2/2GmBlue
Fair OneL2/2GmBlue
Fair Quaker of DealL6/8DBlue
Fair WindsL6/8AX
Faithless Nancy DawsonL4/4DBlue
Familiar Quotations43/4GmRed
Far AwayL-23/4BmGreen
Farewell MarianCM3/4DmBlue
Farmer's JoyL6/8AGreen
Farnicle Huggy33/4GGreen
Fast Friends22/2GmRed
Fast PacketL4/4DRed
Fayne Would I WeddL2/2GmX
Felix's Name DayL6/8DGreen
Female SaylerL6/8GmBlue
Feta CompliL6/8AmX
Fiddler's FeatL3/2D modalGreen
Fine Companion46/8DmBlue
Fine Lady of Homewood, The49/8EmRed
First Comes LoveL2/2GX
First LadyL6/8BbBlue
First NightL6/8Em /GBlue
First of AprilL6/8ABlue
Fleur de LisL2/2AmRed
Flighty Nymph, TheL3/4CGreen
Flixton HouseL3/2GRed
Flora & PhaeonL3/2DGreen
Flowers of EdinburghL4/4GBlue
Footprints in the SandL3/4Dm
For KayL6/8AmGreen
Forget Me NotL3/2GGreen
Fostering TraditionL9/8GmX
Foula Reel46/8G/ARed
Fourpence Ha'penny FarthingL6/8FBlue
Freeford GardensL2/2GBlue
Friday Night SpecialSic2/2anyX
Friendly BrookeL9/8EmRed
Fringe Benefits32/2DGreen
From AberdeenL32/2GBlue
From Among DragonsL3/4GGreen
From Inverness32/2GX
Fuerst Maggot, theL6/8CX
Fumbler3 or L32/2GmRed
Gathering PeascodsC2/2ABlue
Gavin's FancyL3/4Am
Gavre, LaL6/8DGreen
Gentleman SoldierC6/8X
Gentleman's DelightL2/2CRed
Geud Man of BallangighL6/8ABlue
Gigue for Genny36/8GBlue
Girl's Best Friend, AL3/4EmRed
Godwin's Humors (lw)L9/8Bm/DX
Godwin's Humors (set)39/8Bm/DX (Humors of Whiskey)
Gold for the Mahieus32/2DRed
Golden AlexandersL6/8DRed
Golden Green43/4GX
Good Man of CambridgeL4/4AmRed
Goose and the Gridiron36/8ABlue
Gotham JubileeL6/8GX
Graie's Inne Maske32/2DmRed
Green Sleeves And Yellow Lace36/8GmBlue
Green Willow26/8ABlue
Greenwich HospitalL6/8
Greenwich ParkL2/2FBlue
Gypsy RoundL3/4AmRed
Hale-Bopp CircleSic/M6/8GmRed
Halfe HannekinP6/8GBlue
Halfway Measures46/8C/FX
Halsway Manners36/8GRed
Halsway Sicilian Sic6/8DAny
Hambleton's Round OL33/2CmBlue
Handel With Care22/2DBlue
Happily Emma After32/2DX
Happy Couple, The33/4DmX
Happy Meeting, The 43/2BbX
Harlequin in the MudL6/8FGreen
Hazelfern PlaceL6/8DGreen
Heading for ZeroL9/8DRed
Healing Touch, A42/2X
Health to All Honest Men, AL6/8GmRed
Heather TowersL6/8DGreen
Helene's Night OutL6/8ABlue
Helston Furry DanceP4/4DRed
Henry's HornpipeL3/2DmRed
Henry's Other HornpipeL3/2DmRed
Herne Bay Dance32/4G/DBlue
Heswall And West Kirby4M2/2DRed
Hey Boys Up Go We26/8CBlue
High GinksL2/2FRed
Highlander's HumourL2/4E / CmGreen
Hillingdon HeathL 2/2A/GBlue
Hit And Misse26/8EmBlue
Hoffedd Miss Hughes36/8GGreen
Holburn MarchL4/4FBlue
Hole In the WallL3/2BbBlue
Home AgainL6/8DX
Honeysuckle CottageL3/4BbGreen
Hop Ground, TheL6/8DBlue
Hop Picker's Feast, The39/8DBlue
HorseplayL2/2C modalRed
House on Wake Street, TheL3/4DGreen
Hoxton SquareL3/2DX
Hudson BarnL3/4GBlue
Hunsdon House46/8CBlue
Hyde Park46/8CBlue
I Care Not for These LadiesC6/8CBlue
I Often for My Jenny Strove36/8GX
Iceni Square46/8G
If All the World Were Paper46/8DBlue
If Love's a Sweet PassionL3/4GmRed
In the Bleak MidwinterL2/2FRed
In the Fields In Frost and SnowL2/2DmBlue
In the SereL3/2Am
Indian PrincessCM2/2FBlue
Indian QueenL2/2DBlue
Indian SummerL3/4AmGreen
Introduction, The43/4AmRed
Invisible Mending36/8X
Irish HowleL4/4FGreen
Irish LamentationL3/4GBlue
Italian DisappointmentL6/8DX
It's a Draw44/4GmX
Ivy & a Rose33/2FGreen
Jack by the HedgeL6/8CX
Jack's HealthL6/8AmBlue
Jack's MaggotL2/2DBlue
Jacob Hall's JigL6/8FmBlue
Jaque LatinL2/4GRed
Jefferson & LibertyL6/8AmX
Jefferson’s WhimL2/2GX
Jenny Pluck Pears36/8AmBlue
Jig for JoannaL6/8AX
Jig is Up, TheL6/8DmX
John Tallis's CanonL6/8GBlue
John the MadmanL6/8DGreen
John's FollyL2/2GX
Joie de VivreL4/4GX
Joint EffortL3/2EmGreen
Jolly Company, The L34/4DX
Jolly CooperL36/8GBlue
Joseph's Jig or Jovial JoeL6/8GX
Jovial BeggarsCM6/8BbBlue
Jovial BeggarsL6/8BbBlue
Joy After Sorrow33/4AmBlue
Jubilee at EindhovenL6/8DRed
Jubilee JigL9/8DBlue?
Juice of BarleyL6/8AmBlue
Jump at the SunL6/8Gm or EmRed
Jumpers ChaseL3/2BbGreen
Juno And Pallas36/8GmBlue
Just a GoingL2/4DBlue
K & EU2/4ABlue
Katherine StreetL6/8GmRed
Kelsterne Gardens34/4DmBlue
Kentish CricketersL2/4DBlue
Key to the CellarL33/2EmRed
Kill Him WIth KindnessL3/2AmBlue
Kind and EaseyL6/8DX
King of PolandL6/8GmBlue
King's MaggotL3/2BbGreen
Kitchen Triad32/2D/ABlue
Kneeland Romp32/4GBlue
Knives And ForkesL3/2GBlue
Knole ParkL2/4DBlue
Koepoort Galliard4M3/2GmRed
Lacemaker, The32/4CX
Lady DayL2/2DX
Lady Williams DelightL3/2BmRed
Land of Mist and Wonder43/4CmGreen
Lark in the Clear Air, TheL3/2CGreen
Lass of Richmond HillL2/4DBlue
Lasses of Portsmouth36/8CBlue
Last New Vagaries36/8AX
Laughing Vicar, TheL6/8D
Leah's Waltz33/4DRed
Leather Lake CottageL4/4A/DRed
Leather Lake HouseL34/4A/DRed
Les Manches VertesL6/8GmBlue
Leslie's ValentineL6/8GRed
Levi Jackson Rag5M2/4GBlue
Lichfield's Ruby SurpriseL6/8CGreen
Lissome LassL3/4Bm
Little Sir IsaacL3/2Dm / FGreen
Log CabinL3/4DX
Long Live LondonSic2/2GBlue
Long OddsL2/4ABlue
Long PondL2/4GBlue
Longevity L3/4AmRed
Look Both WaysL6/8GmRed
Lord FoppingtonL2/2CX
Love AlwaysL6/8DGreen
Love And A Bottle36/8GmBlue
Love, Hope, and JoyL 2/2X
Lovely NancyL3/4GRed
Lover's KnotL6/8EmGreen
Lovers LuckL3/2GmBlue
Love's Triumph (JSH version)32/2BbBlue
Lucy's LeadL2/2Dm/FGreen
Lull Me Beyond Thee46/8DmBlue
Lunar EclipseL6/8AmX
MacDonald’s MarchL2/4AGreen
Mad RobinL2/2BbBlue
Madeira DreamL2/2GmBlue
Mage on A Cree46/8GmBlue
Maid Peeped Out the Window46/8GBlue
Maiden Lane32/2ABlue
Maid's Last WishL6/8CBlue
Maids' MorrisL2/2CBlue
Make the Sun DanceL33/2DmGreen
Man was for Woman MadeL2/2CX
Marching to Praetorius22/2GRed
Margaret's WaltzSic3/4ABlue, Red
Margherita's WaltzL3/4GX
Mary and DorothyL6/8EmBlue
Mary KL3/2CmRed
Mavis Sweetly Sings, TheL33/4CRed
Measure for Margaret, A 32/2G/GmRed
Measured ObsessionL3/2EmRed
Meet in the MiddleL6/8GX
Megavissey Car Park44/4GGreen
Mendocino RedwoodL6/8DmGreen
Merry Andrew32/2AmBlue
Merry Conclusion (Famous Dance)L 3/2AmRed
Merry, Merry Milkmaids46/8CBlue
Michael & All AngelsL3/4AmBlue
Midnight RambleL2/2DBlue
Midwinter MaggotL2/2DmGreen
Mike's HealthL6/8CGreen
Mile of SmilesL2/2 CGreen
Miller, TheL6/8GX
Minor SpaniardL6/8EmRed
Miss Avril's Delight53/2 2/2DmRed
Miss De Jersey's MemorialL3/4GmBlue
Miss Sayer's Allemande32/4FBlue
Miss Spark's Maggot36/8GBlue
Mock Hobby HorseL6/8DBlue
Molly AndrewSic3/4FRed
Money in Both PocketsL6/8DGreen
Monica's Delight36/8GBlue
Monks March With the WanderL2/2 6/8DmBlue
Monterey PloughmanL2/4X
More the MerrierL2/2GmBlue
Morecambe BaySic6/8DBlue
Morgan MaganL2/2ARed
Morpeth RantL2/2DBlue
Mount HillsL2/2DBlue
Mouse Trap (or Old Hob)L6/8DRed
Movement AfootL 3/4GmX
Mover and ShakerL6/8AmRed
Mr Beveridge's MaggotL3/2GmBlue
Mr Epstein’s Esplanade36/8AmGreen
Mr Ganiford's DelightL2/2EmRed
Mr Ganiford's MaggotL36/8DBlue
Mr Handel's Gigue36/8Gm/GBlue
Mr Heath's Dance L2/4AX
Mr Isaac's MaggotL3/2CBlue
Mr Jensen's Gift33/2DGreen
Mr John Bremer's Return to PinewoodsL6/8DmX
Mr Lane's Magot32/2DmBlue
Mr Merrill's MaggotL2/2GmRed
Mr Millstone's InaugurationL4/4BbGreen
Mr Young's DelightL2/2FRed
Mr. Adson's MasqueL4/4AmRed?
Mr. Hamilton's InaugurationL9/8GGreen
Mrs Beveridge's TriumphL2/2GmX
Mrs Pomeroy's Pavane3M2/2GmRed
Mrs Savage's WhimL3/2BmBlue
Mrs. Pike's Maggot43/4GRed
Mud DauberL2/2GX
Mulberry GardenL6/8DmBlue
Muriel's MeasureL2/2DRed
Muschamp's Maggot42/4DX
Musical Mycologist26/8GmX
Mutual LoveL6/8CBlue
My Dear MaryL2/2GmX
My Lady CullenL2/2DmBlue
My Lady Foster's DelightL2/2DmBlue
My Lady of the LakeL3/4EmX
My Lady Winwood's Maggot3 or L32/2GBlue
Nampwich FairL6/8DRed
Nan's WaltzSic3/4GBlue
Neat, Mr John32/2ARed
Never Love Thee MoreL6/8GBlue
New Beginning33/4GmBlue
New KettledrumL2/2DmRed
New Ormond HouseL2/2DmBlue
New RigadoonL2/2CX
New York TimesL2/2CRed
Newcastle (Colin's)4M2/2GBlue
News From TripoliL3/2BbBlue
Night Cap46/8CmBlue
Night Piece36/8DBlue
Nine TailorsL6/8FGreen
Norbury ParkL 6/8GX
Northdown WaltzL3/4BbBlue
Northern NancyL6/8GmBlue
Nottingham SwingL4/4DBlue
Now is the Month of MayingL2/2GRed
Nymph DivineL2/2CBlue
O SusatoL2/2CRed
Oaken Leaves46/8FBlue
Ode to the Pianist3M3/4GmX
Of Noble Race Was ShinkinL2/2DmX
Off She GoesL6/8DGreen
Old Batchelor, TheL6/8GmRed
Old Favourite, TheL6/8GX
Old FriendsL3/2CRed
Old Hob (=Mousetrap)L6/8DRed
Old King ColeL2/2X
Old Maid in HopesL32/2DmGreen
Old Mill33/2GBlue
Old Mole36/8DBlue
Old Muscles GrumbleL2/4DmX
Old Noll's JigL6/8DmBlue
Old Wife Behind the FireL2/2GRed
On the MidwayL2/2X
On Wittman's Golden FloorL2/2AmGreen
Once A Night36/8DBlue
Orange NanL3/2FRed
Oranges And Lemons42/2DBlue
Ore BoggyL2/2CRed
Orleans BaffledL33/2DBlue
Ormond HouseL2/2DmBlue
Oxford Circus32/2DmBlue
Parson's Cap / French AmbassadorL2/2BbBlue
Parsons Farewell22/2DmBlue
Passing ByL3/2GGreen
Patience H38Sic3/4AnyX
Patrick's Waltz33/4CX
Pat's Tradition36/8DBlue
Paul's AlleyL6/8DGreen
Peace Be With YouL2/2AmBlue
Peggy I Must Love TheeL2/2GX
Perpetual MotionL6/8BbRed
Peter and PeggyL-23/2AmRed
Pharmacists Pleasure 33/2DX
Phoenix Rejuvenated42/2DBlue
Physical Snob39/8FBlue
Picking Up Sticks36/8Dm/DBlue
Pilgarlick3 or L32/2DRed
Pine in the Path39/8AGreen
Pinks & Lilies32/2CBlue
Pins And NeedlesL36/8GBlue
Playing (in) the Field42/2CmGreen
Play's the Thing, TheL9/8GGreen
Pleasures of the Town34/4BbBlue
Pluck me a FigL6/8GGreen
Plum ThursdayL6/8BmX
Polka Dots5 person4/4anyRed
Pool's HoleL2/2DmBlue
Port RoyalL2/2DX
Potter's WheelL 9/8DGreen
Pour Me AnotherL6/4DmX
Pride of Newcastle39/8GRed
Prince GardenL2/4D/GX
Prince George's BirthdayL3/2GmX
Prince of WestboroughL3/4EmGreen
Prince William of GloucesterL3/4BbBlue
Prince William32/2ABlue
Princess RoyalL4/4GmBlue
Puck's DeceitL2/2DmRed
Pugilist, TheSic2/4FGreen
Punch BowlL3/2GBlue
Pursuit, TheL2/2EmBlue
Putney FerryL6/8DmBlue
Quaker's WifeL4/4anyX
Queen's BirthdayL2/2CBlue
Queen's JigL6/8DBlue
Quick Romp in the Hay, A32/2AmGreen
Quite Carried Away3 or L33/4GBlue
Rafe's WaltzL3/4GmRed
Ragg, TheL6/8DBlue
Rakes of RochesterL2/4ABlue
Ram MeadowL4/4DRed
Ramsgate Assembly33/4FBlue
Randolph Farewell3C3/4GRed
Rays of Sunshine, Pearls of Wisdom36/8GmX
Real Princess46/8DBlue
Red and All Red32/4GRed
Red HouseL2/2AmBlue
Return to Newcastle32/4GX
RevelationsL3/4Am, EmX
Rich Delights33/4GGreen
Roger de CoverleyL9/8-X
Room For RamblersL2/2DBlue
Rosamond's PondL2/2DmRed
Rose of Rochester46/8DBlue
Rose of SharonL2/4CmBlue
Rose of Tankerton56/8GRed
Rose TreeL2/4DBlue
Roses Among Thorns33/4GX
Round About our Coal FireL9/8CBlue
Round OL2/2AmBlue
Round Pond36/8DBlue
Round, TheL2/2DmBlue
Rowling EyeL6/8GBlue
Roxburgh CastleL4/4AGreen
Royal AlbertL-sh6/8GBlue
Royal Stewart - Orly36/8DmX
Royall FisheriesL2/2DGreen
Rufty Tufty22/2DBlue
Russe, La42/2G/DRed
Sadlers WellsL6/8DmBlue
Saint Andrew's Assembly44/4BbBlue
Saint Margaret's Hill33/2GmBlue
Saint Martin's LaneL32/2GmBlue
Saint Martin's22/2AmBlue
Sally from PolandL3/4DRed
Sally in our AlleyL3/2CBlue
Salute to PrestonL4/4GRed
Sam's Maggot32/4EmGreen
Sapphire SeaL2/2FGreen
Say I Do42/2G
Scotch Cap36/8DmBlue
Scotch MorrisL2/2AmBlue
Sellenger's RoundC6/8GBlue
SemiCentennial SwirlL6/8GmX
Serenity (Lach)L3/4CX
Set for SpringL2/2DmGreen
Seven JoysCM6/8GX
Severn BoreL3/4DmRed
Shandy Hall46/8GBlue
She Would if She Could32/4DX
Shepherd's Holiday36/8GmBlue
Short and SweetL6/8GBlue
Short and the Tall, The42/2GGreen
Shortest Day, theL2/2AmBlue?
Shrewsbury Lasses32/2DBlue
Shropshire Lass32/2DBlue
Siege of LimerickL3/2DmBlue
Sion HouseL3/2FBlue
Sir Watkin's Jig36/8GRed
Six for the Six Proud WalkersL2/2DRed
Slaughter House L6/8GmBlue
Sleeping in the AtticL4/4Am/ARed
Slof Galliard42/2FBlue
Smithy HillL6/8DmBlue
Snow DayL3/2GmX
Softly Good TummasL2/2DmRed
Solstice Snow, AL3/2AGreen
Somerset Square44/4GGreen
Song to the Moon33/4GX
Songs of the HarpistL33/4AmRed
Soulton JiggL6/8GRed
Southerly BreezeL3/2GmX
Spanish JigL6/8CBlue
Speed the PloughL4/4ABlue
Splendid Shilling36/8GBlue
Spring Garden46/8AmBlue
Spring in SebastopolL4/4DGreen
Spring WeddingL2/2GRed
Square Waltz43/4AnyX
St CatherineL2/2GRed
Staff of Life36/8DX
Staines MorrisL2/2GmBlue
Star of Kintra, The42/2GGreen
Star SurpriseSic2/2anyGreen
Step Stately 36/8GmBlue
Stepping StonesL3/4AmRed
Stockport AssemblyL2/2C/Am or D/BmX
Stony PointL6/8DX
Strawberries & Cream3M6/8GGreen
Suggar CandieL2/4CX
Summer in MorlandL2/2GGreen
Summer Wedding JigL6/8DGreen
Sun AssemblyL2/4ABlue
Sunlight Through DraperiesL3/4DX (Judy & Jim's Wedding)
Surprise & DelightL3/2GX
Sweet Rosie RedL2/2CX
Take a DanceL6/8BmBlue
Tambourine DanceL2/2 GBlue
Tanya Turns Five OL2/2BbX
Ted meets PachelbelL2/2 GX
Ten for the Ten CommandmentsL3/4AmRed
Tennessee DawnL3/4GX
The Leap of FaithL2/2X
Three Coney WalkL3-36/8DGreen
Three Score Plus One33/4
Ties of LoveL3/4DGreen
To Dance DivineL3/2CmGreen
Tod's AssemblyL6/8GmBlue
Tom Jones (Wrights version)36/8DBlue
Top and BottomL6/8GRed AABB
Treacherous LoverL6/8DmX
Treasure of the Big WoodsL2/2DmGreen
Trip to AmsterdamL6/8ABlue
Trip to GlosterL2/4GmX
Trip to Greene36/8GmRed
Trip to Halsway Manor36/8DX
Trip to HighgateL36/8GBlue
Trip to KilburnL32/2AmBlue
Trip to Lille3M6/8GGreen
Trip to Margate by the Sea, AL 6/8AX
Trip to MortselL-22/2GX
Trip To Orpington32/2ABlue
Trip To ParisL2/2AmBlue
Trip to ProvenceL3/4FGreen
Trip to RichmondL4/4GRed
Trip to RidgewoodL6/8AmBlue
Trip to the JubileeL9/8DBlue
Trip to the Manors22/2CRed
Trip to St. John's Court, AL2/2Dm?X
Trip to Town-O, ASic9/8DRed
Trip to Tunbridge 2L32/4FX
Trip To Tunbridge32/4EmBlue
Trip to VirginiaL2/2ABlue
Trip to WoodstockL2/2CX
True KitL4/4AmRed
Tunbridge BeautiesL2/2GmRed
Tunbridge TrianglesL2/2GmRed
Turn of the TideL3/4GRed
Turning by Threes3CM3/4BmRed
Turning of the Year L3/4GGreen
Twelve ReelU4/4DX
Twenty SomethingL6/8CRed
Twenty-ninth of MayL2/2DBlue
Two CousinsC3/2GRed
Two PaulsL3/2EmRed
Two Rivers33/4BmX
Tythe PigL6/8 FGreen
Under the Influence42/2FGreen
Unionville Square43/4GmX
Unknown BucaneerL6/8CGreen
Unrequited Love32/2ABlue
Up on a Lofty Mountain42/2DmRed
Up With Aily (3/2)L3/2AmBlue
Up With Aily (9/8)L9/8DRed
Upon a Summer's Day36/8FmBlue
Upon the Morning Breeze42/2GmBlue
Ursa MinorL2/4EmGreen
Valentine's DayL6/8GBlue
Valentine's DayL6/8GBlue
Valentine's Day--mineSic6/8GBlue
Vermont FriendsL3/2GGreen
Virginia ReelL-sh2/2anyX
Virgins' Frolick33/2GmRed
Vivaldi in ParadiseL2/4GmRed
Wa is MeL3/4FRed
Wait for MeL6/8DX
Wakefield HuntL3-36/8GBlue
Walpole CottageSic32/2DBlue
Waltham AbbeyL2/2FRed
Water LiliesL4/4AX
Waterfall WaltzSic3/4DBlue
Waters of Holland3M2/2AmBlue
Watkins Ale46/8GRed
Waves of GrainL3/4AGreen
Waves of Tory56/8DX
Way To NorwichL6/8DBlue
We Meet AgainL3/2D modalGreen
We Were So YoungL4/4GmX
Wedding of Mai & DavidL2/2GmX
Weekend in WiltonL3/4DmodalGreen
Well Done JackL2/2ARed
Well DonneL6/8DX
Well HallL3/2FBlue
Well's HumorL3/4EmRed
Westward Bound43/4DmGreen
What Shall We Do With Baby, OL2/4GBlue
Whately BarnL3/2Em/GRed
When Laura SmilesL3/4GRed
While We Are TogetherL6/8Am/CX
Whirigig Lite36/8DmBlue
Whiskey Before DinnerL9/8D modalGreen
Whiskey JackL6/8Emx
White Wheat33/4CGreen
Wibsey Roundabout5M6/8CBlue
Wildboar's Maggot32/4BbX
Willow Tree, TheL86/8Emx
Willow Tree46/8GBlue
Willy NillyL6/8DmRed
Winifred's KnotC6/8GBlue
Winnipeg Welcome, AL6/8EmX
Winsor Knot39/8GmX
Winter DreamsL3/4GRed
Winter in Brasstown36/8DRed
Winter Memories42/2DRed
Winter Solstice52/2FBlue
Winter Waltz33/4EmRed
Wives' VictoryL6/8GmRed
Wolverton HallL6/8FRed
Wood DuckCM3/4AmBlue
Wooden ShoesL2/2CRed
Woodstock ParkL6/8DGreen
Wooing Mairi34/4GBlue
Wright's HumourL2/2GRed
Wrights of Lichfield36/8AmRed
Yellow StockingsL9/8AmRed
Young Damon's Flight39/8BmRed
Young Phillis of WakefieldL2/2GX
Young WidowL36/8GBlue
You're SauvainL3/2X
Zephyrs and FloraL2/2GBlue
Zither Man32/2GmGreen


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