Next Open Band in 2019:

GCD Program 10/02/2019
Robert Mills calling with Open Band (Bob Pasquarello leading)

Tune List:

Two tunes are in the Barnes 3 book, or click on the title to download the music.

  • The Ragg (B1)
  • The Dancing Wife (B2)
  • The Goose and the Gridiron BALL (B1)Â
  • Mrs. Savage's Whim (B1)
  • Somerset Square BALL (B3)
  • Heather Towers (Moon and Seven Stars, in Barnes 3 and lots of other collections)
  • Slaughter House (B1)Â
  • Ashford Anniversary (B1)
  • De'il Take the Warr (B2, longways version, no repeats)Â
  • Heading for Zero (B2)
  • Haymakers (B2)
  • Extras:

  • Take a Dance (B1)
  • Knole Park (B1)
  • Knives and Forks (B1)