Board of Directors
President Craig Wilkinson ()
Vice President Ronnie Snader ()
Treasurer Seth Weidner ()
Secretary Peter Ogle
At-large Lisa Fleming, Josh Burdick, Susan Peterson

Ball Co-chairs Bob Morris, Peter Ogle

Wednesday Dance
Caller Coordinator Jenny Beer ()
Dance Loose Ends Rich Baker, Tanya Rotenberg
Set-up, Sound Billy Hyde, Val Peridier
Close Billy Hyde, Val Peridier
Merion Meeting Liaison Jenny Beer

Saturday Dance
Committee Joanna Reiner
Tea/Dinner Susan Peterson, Andy Peterson
Planning/Hosting Ellie Knickman
Summit Church Liaison Dave Rupp

Community Dance
Chair Chloe Mohr
Committee Becky Krum, Angela Combs

Demo and Performance Teams
Colonial Leaders Sam Rotenberg, Tanya Rotenberg
Country Leaders Ted Rudofker, Dan Blim
Booking Paula Dale

Music and Sound
Committee Kirsten Erwin, Sam Rotenberg,
Steve Epstein
Fish'n'Chips Bob Pasquerello
Music Development Adam Oleksa, Miranda Weinberg
Sound Equipment Management Billy Hyde, Scott Higgs, Ted Rudofker
Sound People Jan Alter, Josh Burdick, Lisa Fleming, Scott Higgs, Billy Hyde, Jim Kitch, Doug Kurtze, Ed Leypoldt, Chloe Mohr, Bill Quern, Tanya Rotenberg, Sam Rotenberg, Ted Rudofker, Craig Stockert, Ret Turner

Chair Peggy Leiby
Flyer Creation and Design Sandy Rotenberg
Flier Distribution and Mailing Carolyn Tilove
Monthly Email Ellie Knickman
Public Website Maintenance Cameron Higby-Naquin ()
Website Hosting Larry Miller
Board Website & Manuals Liz Snowdon ()
Social Media Updates Jennifer Rusche

Member Database and List David Tilove
Nominating Committee
Peggy Leiby, Sandy Rotenberg, Susan Peterson
Attendance numbers Rich Baker
Volunteer Appreciation Night Ellie Knickman
Archives Pat McGrath