GCD Board

  • President
    Michael Wood
  • Vice President
    Robert Mills
  • Treasurer
    Barbara Schlenger-Faber
  • Secretary
    Cecily Selling
  • At-Large
    Kathy Talvitie
    Eileen Leypoldt
    Pat McGrath

Wednesday Dance

  • Caller Coordinator
    Robert Mills
  • Dance Loose Ends
    Tanya Rotenberg, Pat McGrath, Janet Cantor
  • Set-up, Sound, Close
    Billy Hyde
    Val Peridier
  • Merion Meeting Liason
    Jenny Beer

Saturday Dance

  • Saturday Sound Coordinator
    Ret Turner
  • Board Liaison
    Pat McGrath
  • Caller/Musician Booking
    Scott Higgs, Ronnie Snader, Kate Nealley
  • Summit Church Liason
    Dave Rupp

Playford Ball

  • Chair
    Ret Turner

Barn Dance

  • Chair
    Rick Mohr
  • Assisted by
    Angela Baseman, Chloe Mohr

Demo and Performance Teams

  • Colonial Leaders
    Tanya Rotenberg
    Sam Rotenberg
  • Country Leaders
    Kate Nealley
    Michael Wood
  • Booking
    Jennifer Rusche
    Louise Spiers

Music and Sound

  • Musician Scheduling Committee
    Steve Epstein, Kirsten Erwin, Sam Rotenberg
  • Music Development
    Kathy Talvitie


  • Coordinator
    Peggy Leiby
  • Flyer Creation and Design
    Suzanne Lindell
  • Flyer Distribution and Mailing
    Suzanne Lindell
  • GCD Emails
    Robert Mills
  • Public Website
    Jenny Beer, Susan Lee Barton
  • Board Website and Manuals
    Liz Snowdon
  • Outreach and Social Media
    Jennifer Rusche, Suzanne Lindell


  • Member Database and List
    Robert Mills
  • MailChimp
    Peggy Leiby
  • Nominating Committee
    Barbara Schlenger-Faber, Ret Turner
  • Attendance Numbers
    Pat McGrath
  • Archives
    Jenny Beer