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October 1 with Jenna Simpson
1st Saturday Experienced Dance

Jenna comes to us from Williamsburg, VA, with her new book of dances, and Dave Wiesler's companion CD.
Jenna Simpson in Regency dress

Splendiferous music by A Joyful Noise:
Daniel Beerbohm, Barbara Greenberg, and Kathy Talivitie

These Saturday events are for intermediate and experienced dancers.

3:00- 5:30 Afternoon Workshop
presenting some of Jenna's dances from her 2 books and new CD

7:30 - 10:30 Evening Dance

Prices: see below.

Location: Summit Church, Mt. Airy

Revelations book and Champagne CD cover

Announcing the December FROLIC with Bare Necessities! Our first, and maybe only ever, Frolic will be Saturday, December 3rd -- a festive evening dance, held in a new location. There will be no afternoon warm-up session, and dinner is on your own. Dances will be walked through once, and not prompted. Out of town guests most welcome! Admission is by pre-registration only.
Frolic information page.
Frolic registration form. Payment can be via Zelle, Paypal, or mailed check.

We are now dancing every Wednesday. However COVID infections might rise suddenly again, so please double check the website before you make your way to Merion!

Special thanks to those who have followed through on their commitment to report post-event positive results in order to facilitate safer dancing.

Please see our COVID Safety page for the revised waiver and notification practices.

COVID-related regulations are in place for *all* GCD events, starting with these highlights:

  • Mask securely covering your mouth and nose, and proof of vaccination (including a booster dose) required!
  • If you don't feel well, please stay home and take care of yourself. Post-COVID wait until you have been negative for 10 days.
  • You'll sign a waiver each time you attend. Detailed guidelines are posted on our COVID Safety page).

Regular Dances and Events

When? What? Where?
Dances are held every Wednesday evening. Before coming please see our COVID Safety page and check this webpage again for cancellation updates.
7:30 pm – Arrive for new dancers' orientation to basic figures
8:00 pm – 10:15 pm English Country Dancing
Members $7, non-members $8, under 30 years old $4.
Merion Friends Meeting Activities Building
First Saturdays
For intermediate and experienced dancers **see below
3:00–5:30 pm – Afternoon Workshop (see schedule)
7:30–10:30 pm – English Country Dance
Afternoon $9, Evening $10, Both $16.
GCD and CDSS Members: Afternoon $7, Evening $8, Both $12.
Under 30: Afternoon $4, Evening $4, Both $8.
Summit Church, Mt. Airy
Barn Dance
First Sundays

(Normally November – April)
2:00–3:30 pm – Old time fun for all ages.
Adults $5, kids 4–18 $2 ($15 max.)
Summit Church, Mt. Airy


English Country Dancing is social, community dancing, where one of the pleasures is interacting with everyone in the room. New people are welcome any time, and you don't need to bring a partner.

Dance to live music every evening! No partners needed, friendly folk will ask you to dance. On Wednesdays and at Barn dances, each dance is taught. Please wear flat-soled shoes.

** First Saturday dance programs are more difficult than on most Wednesdays (especially the afternoon workshops). The programs are intended for intermediate and experienced dancers who know standard figures, such as casts and leads, siding, single and double figures of eight, and all manner of heys.

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Germantown Country Dancers holds dances in two locations:
Merion Friends Meeting Activities Building 615 Montgomery Ave, Merion, PA 19066 (on the Main Line)
Summit Church, Mt. Airy, Westview & Greene Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Join us!

Benefits of membership:

  • Discounts to most GCD-sponsored dances and workshops and to the ball
  • Guaranteed admission to the December Playford Ball, if you (re)join by October 15, and register by November 2.

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