English Country Dance Links

Starting Point

  • Seven Day Guide to Folk, Social, and Traditional Dancing in and around Philadelphia. "Detail about nearly every public event and regular dance in the Philadelphia Region!"
  • NEFFA Links--the most extensive set of folk music & dance links on the Web.
  • Country Dance and Song Society. GCD is an affiliate of this 100+ year old umbrella organization for English, Contra, ritual dance, and song traditions across North America: CDSS Affiliated Groups Page You can also explore the CDSS online store for your endless listening and learning pleasure. CDSS runs a lot of programs, most notably summer camps sessions , some for adults, some all-ages, at Pinewoods Camp in eastern Massachusetts, Camp Louise in north central Maryland, Camp Cavell on the shores of lake Huron, and Ogontz in New Hampshire.

Wider Connections

Resources & Articles on GCD's website

Country Dance Resources on other websites

Dance instructions, History, Archives

  • Compendium of ALL the Playford Dancing Master volumes with a quickly searchable database. The scanned original pages of these 1,053 dances and tunes can be a bit hard to read, but what a great resource. Thank you, Bob Keller!
  • How to read Playford--what all those symbols and abbreviations mean.
  • Library of Congress Dance texts An unbelievably rich collection of several hundred dance manuals -- most in .pdf copies of all pages as well as text files of each book. Browse facsimilies of Playford, Walsh, Young....
  • SCA articles and research on English Country Dance (Scroll down a bit.) The Society for Creative Anachronism is a different contemporary stream of ECD revival and new choreography. This is a list of their dance research newsletter archives. The piece on How to Reconstruct a Playford Dance explains they symbols, the footwork, the figures as Playford abbreviated them.

Individual Dance Websites

Online Events During COVID-19 Quarantine

Resources on Dance Music, on Dance Health


Dance Health, Injuries

  • Dance injuries: An extensive compilation of information and links on preventing and healing Scottish Dance injuries (but still relevant to us English Country dancers!)--shin splints, heel spurs, ankle pain, wise warm-ups, icing and other immediate care for injuries.