for past GCD Balls

2017 Ball
Photo from 2017 Ball by Rachel Winslow

This is useful as a curated list of videos for dancers or callers wanting to LEARN a particular dance.

Videos featuring GCD's demonstration team were created by Jan Alter, and are posted as a playlist on his Bearpuf YouTube Channel. Thanks Jan!! Thanks demo team! Other videos were chosen from accurate examples our ECD dance friends have posted elsewhere.

After Dinner Maggot
All Saints Day
Apley House
Ashford Anniversary
Autumn Moon
Barham Down
  • Beautious Grove
  • The Bishop
    Bonny Cuckoo
    Braye's Maggot
    Bury Fair
    Come with Voices Singing
    Corelli's Maggot
    The Costumer's Delight
    Dick's Maggot
    Dunsmuir Waltz
    Dusty Miller
    An Early Frost
    Eastbourne Rover
    Easter Eve
    Easter Thursday
    Emma's Waltz
    Emperor of the Moon
    Farmer's Joy
    Flora and Phaon
    The Friendly Brooke
    From Aberdeen
    Fuerst Maggot
    Gigue for Genny
    Gold for the Mahieus
    The Goose & the Gridiron
    Gypsy Round
    Hambleton's Round O
    Hole in the Wall
    The Homecoming
    Indian Summer
    Ivy and a Rose
    Jack's Health
    Jack's Maggot Jacob Hall's Jig (simpler version)Jovial Beggars
    Jubilee at Eindoven v2
    Kensington Court
    Key to the Cellar
    King of Poland
    King’s Maggot
    Leather Lake House
    Les Manches Vertes
    Levi Jackson Rag
    Lilli Burlero
    Love and a Bottle
    Mad Robin
    The Minor Spaniard
    Marching to Praetorius
    Mr Beveridge's Maggot
    Mr Handel's Jig
    Mr Isaac’s Maggot
    Mr Lane’s Maggot
    Mrs Hill's Dance
    Mount Hills
    Neat Mr. John
    News from Tripoli
    Old Bachelor
    The Old Mill
    Old Wife Behind the Fire
    Perpetual Motion
    Pluck Me a Fig
    Prince of WestBorough
    Queen's Jig
    The Ragg
    Red and All Red
    Revelations 1   and 2
    Room for Ramblers
    Rose of Sharon
    Six for the Six Proud Walkers
    Sally in Our Alley
    Salute to Preston
    Shandy Hall
    Siege of Limerick
    Softly Good Tummas
    Somerset Square
    Song to the Moon
    Sun Assembly
    St Margaret's Hill
    Take a Dance
    Tamborine Dance
    Ties of Love
    To Dance Divine
    Trip to Tunbridge
    True Kit
    Turn of the Tide
    Vanga Land
    Wakefield Hunt
    While We Are Together
    Winifred's Knot
    Wooing Mairi
    Young Damon’s Flight

    2016 Ball
    Photo from 2016 Ball by Rachel Winslow