Germantown Country Dancers Presents

The 2020 Ballternative!

When: Saturday 12/05/2020

We expect to post new materials through December, 2020.

View photos from past balls with the Germantown Country Dancers

  • Ballternative Automated Slideshow
  • Predominantly Playford Ball Booklets 1977-2019 (PDF)
  • Predominantly Playford Ball Booklets 1977-2019 (PowerPoint)
  • Hungry thinking about all of the delicious snacks you sampled at past GCD balls? Check out our GCD Pear Necessities recipe booklet!

  • Online version (you can print individual pages)
  • Print as a 5.5"x8.5" booklet. To print as a booklet, choose 'print on both sides of the page' AND 'flip on short edge.' It takes 6 sheets of paper.
  • Want to hear more of the interviews you heard at the 2020 Ballternative? [Hopefully to be posted later this month.]

    2017 Ball

    To explore Bare Necessities music more, check out some of these weblinks!

    CDs and downloads:

  • Recordings by Kate Barnes
  • Kate's new pandemic CD
  • Kate Barnes' website
  • Mary Lea's website
  • Boston Centre ECD collection
  • And of course the CDSS website

  • Online concerts / videos:

  • Earl x3 Fair & Softly
  • Some of Jacqueline's recent online solo concerts.
  • Her next concert is December 12: Latin American music in honor of dancer John Buscaglia