Repertoire Dances

All musicians are asked to learn the following tunes. The callers will use them as fall-backs when they need to deviate from a planned program.

The dances are listed here by dance form and meter.

Longways 2/4

The Bishop, Faithless Nancy Dawson, Indian Queen, Jack's Maggot, Knole Park, Apley House, Trip to Paris

Longways 6/8

Geud Man of Ballangigh, Jack's Health, Juice of Barley, Lilli Burlero, Queen's Jig, Take a Dance, Mulberry Garden

Longways 3/2

Knives & Forkes, Mr. Isaac's Maggot, Orleans Baffled, Siege of Limerick

Longways / large circle 3/4

Draper's Gardens, Duke of Kent's Waltz, Wood Duck

Set Dances

Fandango, Prince William, Shropshire Lass, Trip to Tunbridge, Bare Necessities