Germantown Country Dancers Presents

GCD January Social

Check out some of the highlights from our January GCD Social. Please note that we only include recordings when presenters give us permission to do so. Underlined words showing in color and bold indicate a link to a recording.

January 2021 GCD Social

The Jolly Company

Jenny Beer interviewed Brad Hopkins about discovering and teaching English Country Dancing in Senegal.

Choice Morsels

Tom Senior shared some of the amazing, musical marble machines he built. Unfortunately there were recording troubles, so we do not have a recording of the story about how he got started and how he constructs these works of art. Here is a quick glimpse of one of his musical marvels.

Farewell Song

Liz Snowdon & Claude Epstein played and sang "Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill."


This lass so neat, with smiles so sweet has won my right good will.
I'd crowns resign to call thee mine, Sweet lass of Richmond Hill.
Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
I'd crowns resign to call thee mine, Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill.

Breakout Rooms

Question #1: Tell us about a time that you took a risk.

Question #2: Tell us about a book that you have recently read and enjoyed.

Room names:

Winter Dreams
Winter Waltz
Winter Oranges
Cold Weather Waltz
In the Fields of Frost and Snow
Winter’s on the Way
In the Bleak Midwinter