Germantown Country Dancers Presents

GCD April Social

Check out some of the highlights from our April GCD Social. Please note that we only include recordings when presenters give us permission to do so (and when your website manager/Zoom host successfully recorded the presentation).

April 2021 GCD Social

From the Caller’s Perspective

Robert Mills

Choice Morsels

Ellen Tepper

Farewell Song

Melanie Eberhard and Brad Hopkins taught the round "Pretty Planet" by Tom Chapin.


1) This pretty planet spinning through space.  You’re a garden, You’re a harbor, You’re a holy place.
2) Golden sun going down. Gentle blue giant, spin us around.
3) All through the night, safe ‘til the morning light.

Breakout Rooms

Question #1: April 21st is the UK’s National Tea Day. What is your favorite tea? Do you have a favorite tea cup or setting?

Question #2: Tell us about a book that you have recently read and enjoyed.

Room names:

Pear Blossom
Rose of Sharon
The Honeysuckle Cottage
Ivy and the Rose
Flowers of the Thorn