Germantown Country Dancers Presents

GCD June Social

Check out some of the highlights from our June GCD Social. Please note that we only include recordings when presenters give us permission to do so. If we receive additional permission we will post more videos.

June 2021 GCD Social

From the Callers Perspective

Ted Rudofker

Choice Morsels

Bob Pasquarello has been learning to play the banjo and speak Swedish.

Farewell Song

Jenny Beer sang an 18th century song popular among 19th century servant maids, and a tune to which many of us are used to dancing.


1)Early one morning,
Just as the sun was rising,
I heard a young maid sing,
In the valley below.

CHORUS: Oh, don't deceive me,
Oh, never leave me,
How could you use
A poor maiden so?

2)Remember the vows,
That you made to your Mary,
Remember the bow'r,
Where you vowed to be true. CHORUS

3)Oh Gay is the garland,
And fresh are the roses,
I've culled from the garden,
To bind upon thy brow. CHORUS

4)Thus sang the poor maiden,
Her sorrows bewailing,
Thus sang the poor maid,
In the valley below.

Breakout Rooms

Question #1: Do you have a favorite number? Why?

Question #2: How old were you when you had your first job? What was it?

Room names:

Emma Turns Three
Turning by Threes
Four Winds
The Bunch of Fives
Domino Five
Seven for the Seven Stars
The Nine Tailors