Germantown Country Dancers Presents

GCD August Social

Check out some of the highlights from our August GCD Social. Please note that we only include recordings when presenters give us permission to do so. If we receive additional permission we will post more videos.

August 2021 GCD Social

From the Callers Perspective

Tanya Rotenberg: "Kay, Jane, and I"

Weblinks related to Tanya's talk:

  • PBS Announcement of their Jane Austen collection.
  • Article on the PBS "Pride & Prejudice" series
  • News report on the PBS Jane Austen collection
  • Austenprose Blog
  • GCD webpage created for the Jane Austen-themed dances
  • Choice Morsels

    Gladys Cerrina told us about the culture and architecture of her birthplace in Italy.

    Farewell Song

    Kathryn Barnhardt sang "Hick’s Farewell" (as adapted by Daron Douglas)

    Hick's Farewell

    The time is sweetly rolling on
    when you and I must part
    Oh, little do we know of grief and woe
    When blessed with a singing heart.

    Our time that's passed is filled with song
    It spins and travels on
    But, Oh! for the part we keep to heart
    The tune is never done.

    I bid to you a hopeful farewell
    As we travel the road along
    May the way be peaceful,
    true, and strong,
    And may your heart
    be filled ever with song.

    Breakout Rooms

    Question #1: IBM released its first personal computer on August 12th 1981. When did you get your first personal computer? Describe it.

    Question #2: The minimum hourly wage was raised to $1.00 in August 1955. What was the hourly or weekly wage of your first job?

    Room names:

    Night Watch
    Manzanita Twilight
    Goodnight Moon
    Autumn Moon
    Star Surprise
    Star of Kintra
    Star in the West
    Moon & Seven Stars