Dance Camps!

Deadline this week: GCD 2024 Dance Camp Scholarships for 1st timers

GCD is offering up to $200 to one to two people towards their summer 2024 dance and/or music camp registration.

The Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS) will match GCD's scholarship amount if you attend a CDSS camp, and if you register by March 25. GCD scholarships may also be used for a non-CDSS summer camp, but those camps may not offer matching funds.

Time is short!
Deadline for scholarship request: FRIDAY MARCH 22, 2024
Deadline for CDSS camp registration: MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2024

CDSS and GCD matching funds are limited. CDSS wants our scholarship recipients’ names and completed camp registrations by 3/25/24.

A week at Dance Camp is so enlivening and restorative and fun that you'll want to go back every year! It's a great chance to go deeper into your music and dance, to make remarkable friends, and bring back your experiences to enrich our community.

GCD Camp Scholarships: Eligibility


  • 18 years and older
  • Attending a music or dance camp for the first time.
  • A GCD member now, or willing to become one if receive a GCD camp scholarship.

Preference will be given to applicants who:

  1. Demonstrate an interest in contributing to the GCD community by increasing their skills, knowledge, and experience.
  2. Choose a camp experience related to English Country Dancing.
  3. Participate in current GCD activities, and will be able to share specific practical activities after their camp experience.
  4. Make specific commitments to future involvement in sustaining and growing our vibrant GCD community. (e.g. – volunteer commitments, leadership commitments)

How to Apply

Please follow these instructions closely.

  1. Choose a Camp Week (see links below). Note: You must register for CDSS weeks via the website by Monday, MARCH 25, 2024 !
  2. Please follow CDSS' registration and fee requirements carefully. The scholarship and matching funds will only partly cover fees for a week at camp.
  3. Complete the 2024 Camp Scholarship Application and email it to with the subject line: CAMP SCHOLARSHIP.
  4. Applications must be received no later than midnight Friday March 22, 2024.

Review Process

A 3-person GCD Review Committee will review all applications received by midnight March 22, 2024. Names of the applicants will not be known to the reviewers. The outcome will be emailed to all applicants on March 24, 2024.

GCD will submit the scholarship recipients' information to CDSS on March 24, 2024.

CDSS Camp Information Links

The Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS) sponsors 9 camp weeks every summer.

Why GCD supports 1st timers to attend dance camps

GCD is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to the enjoyment, teaching study, preservation, and continuing evolution of English and American traditional and historic dance, music, and song. Those goals lead us to financially support community members to participate in activities beyond our region, then return to share their experiences and increased skill with the Germantown Country Dance community.