Fish & Chips Rehearsal (March 2019)

Fish & Chips returns!

After a pandemic hiatus, GCD is reconvening it's annual rehearsed open band, lead by Bob Pasquarello. Musicians of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Here's the poll to fill out if you're considering attending: Fish & Chips Poll

Please plan to attend the three rehearsals, all on Sunday afternoons from 2 - 5 pm:

  • Sunday, April 14 (Merion Friends)
  • Sunday, April 28 (Merion Friends)
  • Sunday, May 5 (Summit Church parlor)
  • Fish & Chips Tea Dance: Sunday, May 19th, 2 - 5 pm, Summit Church

Caller Robert Mills will be on hand for the May 5th rehearsal to give his feedback on tempo and dancability.

Fish & Chips will give you a chance to work on your ensemble playing, to increase your repertoire (not just of tunes, but of ways to play them), and to practice musicianship skills such as active listening, phrasing, harmony, and mutual support.

The Dances

Jacob Hall’s JigBlue p.59DQ = 110 Driving
MistwoldRed p.86Q = 100 Moderate Pulse
Orleans BaffledBlue p.93H = 104 Driving
Ashford AnniversaryBlue p.6H = 108 Driving
Bar a BarBlue p.7Q = 96 Moderate Pulse
Gold for the MahieusRed p.52H = 108 Strong Pulse
Rafe's WaltzRed p.106Q = 116 Gentle Pulse
All Saints DayBlue p.19 (Chestnut)H = 92 Gentle Pulse
Handel with CareBlue p.48H = 108 Strong Pulse
When Laura SmilesRed p.142Q = 100 Gentle Pulse
BlackheathRed p.11 (PDF in Em)H = 104 Strong Pulse
AliceRed p.3Q = 108 Gentle Pulse
HelenaBlue p.50 H=100 Gentle Pulse
HorseplayRed p.61H = 108 Driving
Long OddsBlue p.67Q = 100 Bouncy
Take a DanceBlue p.124DQ = 108 Strong Pulse

Open Band was Wednesday, February 21st

We had about 16 musicians this time! Next time it can be you, too -- even if you can only play one tune and want to dance the rest. The next date and program will be announced here when the next round of scheduling happens.

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