Open Band Wednesday, June 19th

Robert Mills leading the Band, Tanya Rotenberg calling.

All musicians are welcome to participate.

We had about 16 musicians last time! Next time it can be you, too -- even if you can only play one tune and want to dance the rest.

Please arrive at the Merion Friends Meeting Activities Building by 7:30. (The dance starts at 8.)

Tunes are all in the Blue, Red, or Green Barnes books.

Buy the Barnes books either for ipad or in old fashioned spiral bound paper


  1. Halfe Hannikin -- Blue Barnes(I)
  2. Freeford Gardens -- Blue
  3. The Introduction -- Red (II)
  4. Lilliburlero -- Blue
  5. Dancing Wife -- Red
  6. Shandy Hall -- Blue
  7. Long Odds -- Blue

  8. Never Love Thee More -- Blue
  9. Key to the Cellar -- Red (under the "E"s p40)
  10. Prince William -- Blue
  11. Hole in the Wall -- Blue
  12. Fenterlarick -- Blue
  13. Closing Waltz: Dunant House Waltz -- Blue
  14. Extra: Pinks & Lilies -- Blue

Please also review dances on the GCD Repertoire List which we ask all GCD musicians to learn. You're also welcome to dance for tunes that you'd rather not play.

Questions? Email or the