Join the Open Band, Wednesday, August 30th

Bob Pasquarello leading the Band, Liz Snowdown and Jenny Beer calling.

All musicians are welcome to join in. Please arrive by at the Merion Friends Meeting Activities Building by 7:30 (the dance starts at 8).

Tunes are in the Blue, Red, or Green Barnes books, and most are on the GCD Repertoire List which we ask all GCD musicians to learn.

We have included links to the tunes in Green Barnes. Kate Barnes needs your support though, so buy her book for ipad or in old fashioned spiral bound paper and get ALL the splendid tunes!

Key for Form:  L = Longways;   3 = 3 couple set;   3CM = 3 couple mixer

1Take a DanceL6/8 BmBlue
2Jack's MaggotL2/2 DBlue
3Bare Necessities33/4 DmBlue
4Dicks MaggotL3/2 GBlue
5Jack's HealthL6/8 AmBlue
6Prince William32/2 ABlue
7Autumn MoonL2/2 BmGreen
8LilliburleroL6/8 GBlue
9Turning by Threes3CM3/4 BmRed
10Trip To ParisL2/2 AmBlue
11Potter's WheelL9/8 DGreen
12Freeford GardensL2/2 GBlue
extraDusty Miller33/2 GBlue
extraChristinaL2/4 FBlue

Open Band Rehearsal and Picnic

Saturday, August 19, 2 - 4 PM
Peggy and Ret's Barn
524 Cedar Hill Road
Ambler, PA 19002

Questions? Email the